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The modern journal of classic aeroplanes and the history of flying
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In the current issue:

Lockheed Consternation (double-page spread)

Narval (double-page spread)

748 into Africa (double-page spread)

Heavy Duty (double-page spread)

Trimotors over the Channel (double-page spread)

New Model Air Force
To commemorate the centenary of the formation of the Royal Air Force in April 1918, Greg Baughen explores the reasons behind the establishment of an independent air arm, and how they affected its subsequent development

Lockheed Consternation
Concluding his three-part series on historic aerodynamic problems and their solutions, Matt Bearman offers fresh insight into the P-38 Lightning’s battle with compressibility – and reveals a controversial Lockheed “blind spot”

Mike Hooks: The Enthusiast’s Enthusiast
British aviation enthusiast supreme Mike Hooks died aged 89 in January 2018; we pay tribute to his life in aviation and present a gallery of his exquisite colour photographs

“A Very Large and Awkward Baby . . .”
Continuing his investigation into the political aspects of some of the British post-war aviation industry’s most significant episodes, Prof Keith Hayward FRAeS turns his attention to the innovative but unwanted Fairey Rotodyne

Jaguar International in Nigeria
Arnaud Delalande details the short, inglorious career of the capable Sepecat Jaguar in Nigerian Air Force service

Flying Home for the Sheep-Shearing
In late 1936 New Zealand farmer Ernle Clark set off from Lympne in his newly-acquired Percival Gull Four, bound for home. Errol Martyn uses Clark’s own notes to tell the full story of the part-time pilot’s epic 14,000-mile flight

The Convair 990 & Garuda Airways
Indonesian aviation historian Sudiro Sumbodo relates how the nation joined the jet set in the early 1960s with the arrival of three sleek Convair 990As for Garuda Airways

Narval – The Dreaded SNCASO SO.8000
Created under the ægis of future Concorde designer Lucien Servanty, France’s twin-boomed SO.8000 naval fighter should have been a post-war world-beater – it was anything but, as Jean-Christophe Carbonel explains

748 into Africa
In 1969 Skyways-Coach Air 748 pilot Brian Turpin was seconded to Hawker Siddeley to fly on an African sales tour of the type; he recalls six weeks spent “up-country” at some of the big continent’s most remote airstrips

Heavy Duty
João-Paulo Moralez and Vatche Mitilian describe how the Lebanese Air Force used old Hawker Hunter parts to create DIY “Hueybombers” during local fighting in 2007

Trimotors over the Channel
The UK’s Channel Islands have had a long relationship with three-engined aircraft, stretching from the 1930s to 2017. Matthew Willis chronicles the early years of trimotor air services to the Channel Islands and the Isle of Wight

Snakes in the Snow
Guy Ellis takes a look at an ingenious use of secondhand Viper jet engines to keep New York’s commuters moving


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