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The modern journal of classic aeroplanes and the history of flying
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In the current issue:

'The Stop & Go Show' (double-page spread)

FLASH!  (double-page spread)

The Other Sound Barrier (double-page spread)

The Patagonian Eagle (double-page spread)

Dieppe: the Luftwaffe Perspective (double-page spread)

The Stop & Go Show
Professor Keith Hayward FRAeS turns his attention to the political infighting behind the development of the HS 146

Rover David Pt 2
Vic Flintham concludes his two-part series on the RAF’s wartime close air-support role in the Mediterranean

Ces Hommes Magnifiques: Louis Capazza
Jean-Christophe Carbonel’s series on France’s “magnificent men” continues with the “flying saucers” of Louis Capazza, which flew — but only in an 1894 science-fiction novel

Former Royal Norwegian Air Force photo-reconnaissance pilot Kaptein Knut Lande traces the history of the Republic RF-84F Thunderflash in Norwegian service

Venezuela’s Aeronaut Monkey
Dr Bernardo Urbani examines an 1890 newspaper report about the first flight by a non-human primate in the Americas

Pan Am’s “Rogue” Atlantic Clippers
In 1946 Pan Am’s Atlantic Division unilaterally gave its fleet of Constellations geographical Clipper names — until being told to fall in line. Greg Smith investigates . . .

Turkish Dismay
In 1926 Turkey placed an order for the Danish-built Rohrbach Rofix parasol-winged fighter; Lennart Andersson chronicles the short careers of the two examples built

The Other Sound Barrier
Following on from his article in TAH20 on the Westland Whirlwind and its propulsion problems, Matt Bearman delves further into the effects of shockwaves on propellers

Sabena’s Congo Ventilators
Leif Hellström profiles the use of Sabena’s helicopters in the insect-control role in the Belgian Congo in the 1950s

The Patagonian Eagle
After more than a decade of in-depth research, Ricardo M. Lezon and Santiago Rivas tell the full story of Argentina’s answer to the D.H. Hornet — the shapely IAe.30 Ñancú

On the Wings of the Hansa pt 3
Using extensive interviews with Cambodian military pilot Major Su Sampong, Albert Grandolini concludes his three-part series on flying with the nation’s air arm

The Impossibly Glamorous World of Perceived Noise Decibels . . .
Nick Stroud recalls many happy childhood hours listening to a promotional “flexidisc” of DHC-7 engine noise

Dieppe: the Luftwaffe Perspective
On August 19, 1942, the Allies launched an attack on the French port of Dieppe; Dr Andrew Arthy provides a forensic account of the day’s activities for Jagdgeschwader 2

 “A Very Nasty Situation . . .”
Tom Singfield describes a “hairy moment” for the crew of a British Caledonian BAC One-Eleven at Gatwick in 1981


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