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The modern journal of classic aeroplanes and the history of flying
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In the current issue:

Our Man in California (double-page spread)

Dassault’s X-Files (double-page spread)

“Pilot Wanted, Plenty of Risk, Good Pay . . .” (double-page spread)

Kommando Japan (double-page spread)

The Tornado & Me (double-page spread)

Our Man in California
Matt Bearman traces the long and varied flying career of Wg Cdr James Addams, who was posted to California as a test pilot in 1938 and played a major part in the RAF’s rejection of the P-38 – and Hollywood’s gossip columns

Montrose at War
Philip Jarrett digs into his extensive photo collection to present a snapshot of the ups and downs – mostly downs – of RFC/RAF flying training at Montrose during 191718

RAF Far East Flight Pt 2: Australia & Asia
Concluding his two-part series on the RAF Far East Flight’s epic voyage to the Far East and Australia during 192728, Trevor Lipscombe details the Flight’s circumnavigation of Australia and “mini-tour” of south-east Asia

Dassault’s X-Files
Cold War aviation specialist Tony Buttler examines French manufacturer Dassault’s series of experimental prototypes based on its Ouragan and Mystère jet fighters, with the help of scale drawings by illustrator Joël Mesnard

The Viscount comes to America Pt 3
Rounding off his series on the three American airlines that purchased the Viscount direct from Vickers, David H. Stringer takes a look at Boston-based Northeast Airlines, which acquired ten of the turboprops in 1958

 “Pilot Wanted, Plenty of Risk, Good Pay . . .”
Finding such an opportunity advertised in a magazine irresistible while at a loose end, Sidney Cotton set off for Newfoundland in 1920 to find his fortune as an aerial seal-spotter; it proved elusive, as Dirk Septer relates

Son of Sea Dart
Following his article on Convair’s waterborne fighter experiments of the 1950s, Matthew Willis describes the US Navy’s Seaplane Striking Force concept and how Convair’s two-seat “Tactical Sea Dart” project fitted into it

Kommando Japan
Ray Flude completes his series of three articles on the Axis nations’ wartime attempts to establish air links between their capitals with the full story of Nazi Germany’s Far East ambitions, which failed largely owing to a lack of leadership

748 vs Herald
By the late 1950s British manufacturers Handley Page and Avro were slugging it out for state support and export sales for their “DC-3 replacements”; James Jackson examines the political backdrop to an industrial “battle royale”

Wings over Peru: the Curtiss Hawk 75
Peruvian aviation historian Amaru Tincopa chronicles the career of the Curtiss Hawk 75A-8 monoplane fighter in service with the Cuerpo Aeronáutico del Perú

The Tornado & Me

In 1978 Flight journalist Mike Hirst secured a “scoop” to fly in the back seat of the RAF’s only Panavia Tornado in order to write up the nav-attack system; the star turn, however, turned out to be something of a prima donna . . .


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