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The Aviation Historian
The modern journal of classic aeroplanes and the history of flying
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In the current issue:

Concorde – The Political perspective (double-page spread)

From Nile Eagle to Nasser's Folly (double-page spread)

Richard T. Riding (1942–2019) (double-page spread)

Bad Vibrations (double-page spread)

The Oldest Swinger In Town (double-page spread)

Concorde: Interdependence Day
Professor Keith Hayward FRAeS celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first flight of the iconic supersonic airliner with an in-depth look at its early political history

South of the Border
In 1957 the Argentinian Navy ferried 11 Vought F4Us from the USA to their new home in South America. Santiago Rivas describes the Corsairs’ epic flight

From Nile Eagle to Nasser’s Folly
Designed by Willy Messerschmitt in Spain, powered by a British engine and test-flown by an Indian pilot in Egypt, the Hispano/Helwan HA-300 was a truly international affair, as João Paulo Moralez and Nick Stroud relate

Richard T. Riding
Managing Editor Mick Oakey pays tribute to TAH’s “honorary grandfather”, aviation publishing pioneer and photographer Richard T. Riding, who died in January

Battle of Britain Photo Gallery
In a further salute to Richard Riding, we present a stunning collection of colour and black-and-white photographs – most previously unpublished – taken by Richard during the filming of Battle of Britain in 1968

The Longest Hop – Part 1
Bob Livingstone introduces a two-part series on Qantas wartime Indian Ocean services with the early days of route-proving with overloaded Catalina flying-boats

Messieurs Papin et Rouilly’s Astonishing Whirling Leaf
French aviation historian Jean-Christophe Carbonel chronicles the efforts of two Frenchmen to develop a rotary-engined single-bladed “gyroptère” in the 1910s

Bad Vibrations
Using contemporary documents, letters and drawings, Richard Seth-Smith investigates the causes of the Hawker Typhoon’s mysterious early tail tribulations, which killed his test-pilot father Kenneth in 1942, and how they were cured

Rogues’ Gallery
Renowned airline specialist Maurice Wickstead delves into the murky history of Bahamas World Airways, a nefarious national airline set up by some real pirates of the Caribbean

The Oldest Swinger in Town
Following the recent discovery by the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust of a set of 1949 drawings of a wildly ambitious supersonic variable-geometry fighter design, Tony Buttler takes a look at the work of Leslie Baynes

Smooth Operator
Lennart Andersson details the development and career of the smooth-skinned Junkers K 47/A 48 fighter – a radical departure for the “crinkle-cut” company in the mid-1920s

Don’t Spare the Horses!
Former McAlpine Aviation staff pilot Ed Wild recalls being an aerial chauffeur for two famous British jockeys in the 1960s – one of which offered some very valuable tips . . .


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