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Propeller - Westland WhirlwindIt wasn’t engines that let down the Whirlwind: it was propeller blades

Sea Hawk - componentBeneath the Sea Hawk’s feathers: how was it put together?

Fw 200 CondorCondor moment – how the Fw 200 went from predator to sitting duck

Charles BlairFrom fighter pilot to record-setter and flying-boat boss: Charles Blair

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Spread – The Blue Falcon

Spread – The Whirlwind Becalmed

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A Brief History of the Future
Continuing our 60th anniversary coverage of the infamous 1957 Defence White Paper, Greg Baughen argues that the concept of unmanned aircraft was nothing new to the RAF

The Blue Falcon
In 1932 millionaire Francis Francis acquired a Sikorsky S-38B amphibian, naming it the Blue Falcon; Philip Jarrett traces the aerial yacht’s travels with the Standard Oil heir

An Eye for an Eye
African aviation specialists Arnaud Delalande and Tom Cooper detail the Libyan Arab Air Force combat career of the Soviet-built Tu-22 Blinder in Chad in the 1980s

The Whirlwind Becalmed
The Westland Whirlwind fighter was let down by its flawed Peregrine engines – unassailable fact? Matt Bearman offers compelling evidence that the blame lay elsewhere

Heathrow: the Roaring Forties
The John Stroud Archive returns with a visit to London’s newly-established airport at Heathrow in the late 1940s

How to Build a Sea Hawk
With the help of a sequence of stunning photographs from a contemporary Hawker brochure, Matthew Willis guides us through the manufacture of a Sea Hawk prototype

Three Deadly Minutes
Farnborough 1968: the Breguet Atlantic is 2min into its display routine, but something is badly wrong. Richard T. Riding, who was there, investigates what happened next

Last Days of the Condor
Luftwaffe historian Chris Goss takes a look at the last year in combat of the once-dreaded Focke-Wulf Fw 200 Condor, which was long past its prime by 1944

Não Obrigado!
José Matos examines Portugal’s ultimately fruitless relationship with the Hunting Jet Provost trainer and its more potent ground-attack sibling, the BAC Strikemaster

Fire in the Belly
By late 1939 work on Frank Whittle’s radical new jet engine had advanced to the point at which it could be test-flown; enter the Jet Anson, as Nick Stroud explains

A Sky Full of Frontiers
Maurice Wickstead chronicles the flying career of one of the USA’s most distinguished airmen, Charles F. Blair, whose record-setting flights became the stuff of legend

The Flying Darkroom
The French licence-built version of the Siebel Si 204, the Nord NC.701, saw more than two decades of service as a mapping platform in Sweden, as Jan Forsgren relates

Hijack Hijinks!
“There was a muffled bang as the flightdeck door crashed violently open . . .” Ed Wild recalls a memorable Tradewinds Boeing 707 flight to Mogadishu in 1978